1 x 1 Hour Skype Lesson  

£42​ ($53.32)

6 x 1 hour Skype Lessons  

£230 ($291.97)



Shredding 101 

 £15 ($19.04)

I am currently offering 1 hour Skype Lessons for anyone who is interested in learning more about Rock Guitar. No matter what level you are I will design personalised lessoned plans for you for each session based on what you are interested in knowing more about. Whether it is learning more advanced techniques such as sweeping and tapping, learning effective songwriting tips or learning a specific song. No matter what your location, age or current ability I will help you reach a new level of fretboard mastery. 

Shredding 101

Shredding 101 is a PDF booklet designed for Intermediate-advanced players who already have a good knowledge on legato and the pentatonic scale in all positions, however want to take their soloing to the next level. It includes helpful tips, exercises and explanations for shredding techniques such as sweep picking, tapping, three note per string runs and much more.

If you are booking Skype Lessons, you will receive the Shredding 101 booklet for free.

Lessons can be booked individually or in packs of 6, with one lesson a week for 6 weeks. Lessons can be scheduled for people all over the world on  no matter what time zone, just send me an email through my contact form and we will be able to discuss the a suitable time for both of us as well as what you would like to get out of the lesson so I can personalise it to suit you. 

Another option is a pre-recorded 30 minute lesson for you to work on and you can ask questions & share videos via google drive/dropbox throughout the week for feedback. 

When you book skype lessons, you will also receive the shredding 101 booklet for free. 


In person 1-1 lessons can be arranged for students around London upon request. ​

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