Sophie is a Rock and Metal Guitarist and Social Media Content Creator from London, UK. 

Sophie has been obsessed with Rock music since she was a child. With roots in classic metal, bands like Iron Maiden, Black Label Society and Pantera have been some of the biggest influences on her lead playing style. She has blended this heavy and technical style with the expression and feeling of blues guitarists such as Rory Gallagher and Joe Bonnamassa. Her rhythm playing is greatly inspired by punk bands such as the Offspring and Misfits. During her time at BIMM she has learned to play a variety of different genres which are noticeable in her sound, including elements of Jazz, Country and Gospel. She has used these to develop her own unique and creative style of playing and composing.

Her degree in music has helped her achieve a very high understanding of music theory and fretboard knowledge. With over 12 years experience, Sophie is a talented composer and an accomplished musician. She graduated from BIMM London with a BMus in Popular Music Performance, receiving a First Class honours. 


Sophie released her first EP "Delusions" in 2018, recorded and produced with Jason Wilson of Stakeout Studios and it surpassed expectations with the music video for her title song 'Delusions', reaching over 4.7 millions streams on YouTube.

Sophie reaches out to an impressive audience of over 1 million subscribers across her social platforms on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Her content consists of original guitar music videos, covers, shred medley's, brand collaborations, equipment reviews and her recent discussions of dealing with performance anxiety. Her instagram cross-promotes these videos while exhibiting a more personal look into her life which has grown an interactive & trusting relationship with her fanbase.

She has played along side many established musicians who have commended her on her playing and ability to creatively work with others. Most notably, Mike Hurst, Clem Clempson and Fleur East. 


"As a record producer of such artists as Cat Stevens and Manfred Mann, and more importantly having had Jimmy Page and Albert Lee in my early 60s band, I am uniquely placed to know an excellent guitarist when I hear one ! Sophie is one of them. She has really fast hands and has worked her socks off for years to get where she is today. She will make it I am sure, and that's what I want to see" - Mike Hurst, The Springfields.




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